Would you ever date a girl with a rocky past?

I have 12 older brothers, my mom left when I was born. My dad hasn't talked to me since I was 15 because me and his girlfriend who was 17, got into a pretty physical fight, then he started saying not so nice things to me, then my brothers ganged up on him. Now, I know this is stupid, but I have been dating this guy, and he keeps asking about my family, and wants to meet them, but I don't know how to tell him, or if it would scare him off or whatever? what should I do?


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  • Just as woman have a maternal instinct, men have a protective instinct. It sounds kind of twisted, but I find girls with a f***ed up past attractive, it makes me want to hold them and protect them from the world forever.


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  • Tell him the truth. It'll show his character. Plus trusting him with that would build trust in your relationship. So go for it (:

  • Tell him. I also had a rough past however I don't have the option of hiding mine (many scars) and while I rarely ever tell my story when I do no one has ever judged/avoided me afterward. You don't have to tell him every detail all in one sitting, I find that my current and past girlfriends that were the most curious to hear what I went through want to know the least (as far as details) when I start to talk. Maybe start off by simply telling him your not on the best terms with some of your family and give him some information that you are comfortable talking about, see how he handles it (and how you are feeling) And go from there.

    • Sorry to answer your question yes I would but I thought my answer maybe biased

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  • People I know don't judge people by their past. They just "judge" them on how they are now. If a guy really likes you and your personality he is not going to change his mind just because you had a "rocky" past. I wouldn't worry about it. Just be yourself. And if he likes you. Nothing else will matter.