What are some fun dates that are cheap or free?

This girl I have known for a while keeps telling me to not be such a stranger and that she want's to spend time with me. the only problem is that I have no job, very little money, and my family is embarrassing so I can't just invite her over for a movie or anything. I do have a car! What are some suggestions on things we can do?


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  • My suggestion, make it fun and quirky. Dates can be cute/romantic and still be inexpensive. If she's active person, bike/hike to some where pretty like a nice park, botanical garden. Be tourist in your own town and maybe visit a (free) city landmark in your town. Look in your local newspaper for unexpected (but fun) events in your area. What ever you deicded to do just make sure your surprise her with something kinda random but extremely cute (this may involve an immaterial use of money). Example, one flower than is not a red rose, maybe a tulip, a gerber daisy, maybe google flowers and their meanings/significants and find an appropriate one for her. Write her a small note just to tell her that you appreciate her that's litterally written on a really small card... small note, small card..

    Just chanel your inner quriky romantic comdey, ie, 500 days of summer, juno etc. Not only will the date be memorable but it will show her that you really look a lot of time/effort to do something nice. Regardless of what it cost girls appreciate guys putting thoughtful effort into them.

    have a super date =)


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  • take a drive to the beach or to the park. pack a surprise picnic. an ex boyfriend did this for me once and I was really impressed with how much thought he put into it. the good thing about an outing like this is its cheap, its much more creative than the usual date options, and the best thing about it is its low-pressure. if you're not sure how serious you're feeling about her or you don't know how she feels about you, the date can remain casual or you can easily use it to impress her and show her your interest. these kinds of dates make it much easier to stay relaxed.

    ive always been a fan of keeping it simple for the first date.

  • Go out and stargazing and have a midnight picnic. That's something I have always wanted to do with a guy.


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