Two Boys+ One Me= HELP!

Okay this is a tad long... Sorry...

Okay so my ex boyfriend Ry and I have always been best friends. before and after our relationship. Well we went on a trip with a bunch of our friends and we were gone from my now ex boyfriend Tim for 10days. During the trip me and Ry got really close and actually ended up spending 2 hours making out towards the end of the trip. It was incredible. And I loved it. Well I went home and broke up with my boyfriend at the time because I didn't feel right about what had happened. Well about a week after the break up I went to hang out with Ry. He kissed me. And I didn't feel a thing. Nothing at all. It was just friends. And the thing is that as son as he kissed me... I thought of Tim. After I got done with Ry I drove to Tim's house. He opened the door and I just started kissing him. Just kissing. And it felt amazing. We talked about it and he said he understands that it doesn't mean anything since we broke up... But the thing is that it meant everything to me. I can't stop thinking about it. I can't get him off of my mind.

so what does this mean? Do I love Tim? But if I do why was I making out with another guy?


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  • You love Tim but you were making out with another guy because you also love your friendship with that guy or vice a versa but I'm sure you love Tim since you were thinking about him when you kissed you friend. The only reason you guys made out in the first place is because you guys were getting close so close that you were on the verge of dumping your boyfriend for your best friend.


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  • Maybe you made out with him because you missed Tim, and you had gotten very close. Talk to Tim about how much it means to you and explain to him how you're thinking about him all the time.