Cute ways to ask boyfriend to Homecoming?

My boyfriend of nearly two years is always doing sweet things for me. And while I offer to pay my share quite often, he usually ends up paying for a lot of our dates. This year, however, is my senior year, and I know we're going to prom together. Prom is freaking expensive, and I wouldn't feel right about him paying for both Prom and Homecoming, though we want to go to both. I want to ask him to Homecoming. Does anyone have any romantic/creative gestures/ways to ask him? His interests include airsoft, knives, zombies, reading, video games (like most boys), nature... but he also is a romantic like me, so something big and romantic would be nice. Any suggestions?


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What Guys Said 1

  • No worries, you have spirit week right...! toilet paper his house with some friends and while your friends are tp ing his house ask him...whad you think?


What Girls Said 1

  • It's homecoming. You don't need to be romantic; it's not that special. "Hey, wanna go to homecoming with me?" should work just fine.