No call, text, anything. ITS KILLING ME! Did I do something wrong?

OK so I've been seeing this girl for a couple weeks now. And things were going well... at least I thought. This girls has a very hard time opening up to guys mainly due to her ex and some really messed up stuff he did to her. But lately she has really opened up to me and I also have to her. Also just so you know were teenagers so... Anyway, we were on a date the two days and it went perfectly. We talked, laughed, listen to music, she tried to teach me to dance. During this whole time we were flirting with each other, like hugging, holding hand, kissing, like she even kissed my neck. So based on that I know she really likes me. So I walked her home, holding hands and said goodbye, and kissed her goodnight. And as I was about to go, I kinda let my fingers linger and slowly slip out of hers but as I did this, she pulled me back and kissed me, like really kissed passionately... she squeezed me tight close to her... and when we finally finished I saw her shaking and then she looked me dead in the eyes while still holding me close and said to "I really like you". I told her I did too. Then she said "I just wanted you to know that" and then she went inside.So I walk home with this amazing feeling, got there, I watch some TV, and by now Id be expecting a text or something from her but I just figured she went to sleep or something. Anyway, I guess I fell asleep on the couch but I get woken up by a text from her at 2am asking if we can talk. So I start talking to her. She says "I'm confused" "Like I felt like I was forcing it before and I don't know if that's because I was or if it was because I was nervous" then long story short she says "Just give me a couple of days... Ill text you in a few days" I was a little upset by this but I tried not to show it. Then she said "can you ever forgive me?" I reassured her it was fine. But I guess she knew it wasn't. The last text said, "Bye :( </3".

So anyway that was Thursday night and now its Saturday night and still nothing. No call, text, anything. ITS KILLING ME! Did I do something wrong? Should I try to contact her? Like I want her to know I'm here.Though like I don't wanna be the jerk who doesn't wanna give her space and time but I don't wanna be the jerk who doesn't say anything and makes it seem like I don't care especially when I do... like I can't get her off my mind. PLEASE HELP! ASAP! Thanks:-)

Thanks guys for the help, but apparently she doesn't want me... which goes to show what I've always known. I'm worthless.


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  • Well maybe she'll text you tomorrow. I don't really know what to tell you. I was molested and I haven't been in a relationship in over a year because sometimes it freaks me out and I can't trust them. Give her time maybe her feelings are really strong and it scares her. This is a hard question. Maybe shee needs to think

    • Ok yeah..... I can see that now.... her past was really bad with this guy (I don't really feel comfortable saying what actually happened cause its not my story to tell)..... SO your saying just wait it out. Thanks


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  • Dont say your worthless honey. I bet your not


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  • well just text her and tell her that you missed her and ask her y not asking about you and these stuff :) god with you :)