I need help with this girl!

So I have been talking to this girl I met threw a friend iv been to party's at her house and stuff, then we finally went on a date it went good and later that night after the date she sent me a text saying "thanks again for a good night". Then I saw her again the next night at a party and we went for a walk and held hands.

After that I called her 2 days later and she didn't pick up so I left a message and she never called back so I waited 3 days and texted her, still no reply. I don't get it she said she wanted to hangout again and she had fun, but anyways she is gonna be at a party at my friend's house I'm going to next weekend should I try and ask her what's wrong because I really like her or just let it go?


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  • Just let it go. She's having fun and your an innocent by stander. Don't hurt yourself.


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  • I think you went wrong when you waited two days to call her. She thought you werent interested, and now she isn't so sure. If I were her, I wouldve liked at least an "i had fun last night" text message the next day.

  • I think that if she would have wanted to talk to you these past 3 days, she would have, and if she isn't responding, that just might mean that you did something to turn her off, and that she's just not interested. You can keep trying but I doubt its going to work, I would say drop it. good luck =)


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