Kissing and what it means?

So my guy friend had a party the other night and he had a little to much to drink. He remembers everything so he was not drunk. He started kissing all the girls. And we had never kissed before this or anything so I wasn't expecting him to do anything. He then came over and planted one right on the lips and then really goes at it. Now I'm not complaining that he did this but like what was he thinking when it was done. Like he did it a second time to I assume he enjoyed it. Is there any way to figure out if there was something behind it or was it just the in the moment type deal? (if this helps the other girl said he was fairly into it and it was not a short kiss. Also it was not just an innocent school girl kiss either) please let me know what you think?


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  • Beer can make you do all sorts of things, did he kiss the dog to...


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  • It sounds like he was drunk, which gave him the courage to act the way he truly wants to, which was to kiss multiple girls.

    As far as what it means between the two of you, you will need to ask him.

  • He was advertising his physical needs.


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