"You're the best" - What the hell does that mean?

A guy that I have a huge crush at work and he has said to me "You're the best" several times lately. He's said this in relation to me helping him w/some work related things

About a year ago, we had a short fling of sorts but he has a girlfriend and I am married. I know--it was wrong so that it why we stopped. We never had sex but flirted, hugged & kissed a few times. We are now good friends but it feels weird when he tells me "you're the best". Guys, can you tell me what that means?!


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  • It's just friendly and doesn't mean anything. As you say he said it after you helped him out with work, and it's a manly way of verbalising appreciation. "You're the best" is a very non-sexual way to appreciate a kind gesture and sounds better than a simple thank you