Is it OK to date 2 guys and finalizing after a few dates?

Having 3 guys like you at the same time... Why does it happen?

To make our lives easier, if I could I would date 2 guys at the same time.. But the bad thing is: they both know each other..

I know its a bad thing to do double dating but what can you do? You love both of them & you don't want to loose em.

Guys would it be OK for girls to date 2 guys at the same time yet during the dates she gets to pick her final choice?

Girls: it would be a bitchy thing to do but if guys can double date, why can't we right?


Most Helpful Guy

  • If they are OK with it, and you are OK with it, and you haven't committed to anyone yet (and if they haven't committed), then there's nothing wrong with dating more than one person. You should make a decision soon, and you should let them both know in a mature way; let both know where you stand, and don't play one off the other.

    The issue is that a lot of the time, even if you don't try to do this, it can still create some awkwardness.

    I "sort of" dated a girl that a good friend liked at the same time. I made sure it wasn't going to be a problem with him first before asking her out; It just didn't work out. I'm still friends with the guy. If she came by again, it would be no problem, there are no bad feelings.