How come it's okay for girls to validate themselves through dating and relationships, but not okay for guys?

That's what I hate about life in general, in dating and relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend, how come it's okay for a girl to need or want a boyfriend to complete her life, to validate her existence, but it's not okay for a guy to need or want a girlfriend to complete his life, validate his existence? This one guy wrote this to me, later on he p*ssed me off so much that I felt like punching his lights out, but I couldn't because it was on an online forum, he said "As for jumping in a relationship, try to get to the point where you don't validate yourself through a girlfriend, they kick ass, but you have all you need to be happy in yourself man."

Later then he said to me "*cking grow a pair. Seriously, man up. You need to have a spine, NO ONE respects a door mat, and you'll NEVER get a relationship without respect. Realize that YOU are in control of your own destiny and women don't OWE you sh*t, not a relationship, a bj, love, respect, sympathy, NONE of it.

You gotta EARN it. EARN it by realizing that you don't NEED to have a chick to validate your existence" Seriously, I hate and despise him with a huge passion, he thinks that I am not "Man enough", I don't have a grown pair of balls or a spine"

if he says I am not man enough or I don't have a spine or balls, I will show him that I man enough to fight and stand up for my respect, that I don't let people talk down about me like that
how come us guys owe girls things but girls don't owe guys things?
Well?..., why?
I was expecting more answers than this


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  • Most modern people don't have quite this double standard any more..all of us need each other!There's nothing wrong with needing someone in yur life, regardless of your gender.


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  • I don't think it's OK for anyone to be dependent on a boyfriend or girlfriend to "validate their existence".

  • it's not okay for anyone


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  • At least in recent times, thee's no gender inequality here. All of us are in some emotional sense dependent on other people, all our lives. Thee's nothing wrong with needing somebody. Isn't that what the whole site is about?

  • You can't have two bitches in a realtionship, so grow a pair...

    • What does that have to do with this?