Online Dating Experiment Anyone?

So I think what I did was kinda evil, but I felt the need to do so any way. A while back (about a year or so ago) I made an account on a dating website. Now I'm not a 'hot' guy or any thing but I'm no Fuggo either :P and I've been having trouble getting responses from the women I've been talking too. ill send messages varying in type to different women. And this site has a nice little feature that when someone looks at your profile. they would look at it and say no thanks or not interested or w/e. they didn't even look at it long enough to actually read it. just long enough to see my pics and say no. how can someone make an assessment on me as a person from just looking at my pictures? and I wasn't just messaging over the top beautiful women either, it was women whose profiles I read and actually was interested in, but still nothing. then the other day I made a fake account with the pics being of a typical hot guy. only the description made me sound like a f***ing loser who womanizes and doesn't give a sh*t. I would send a message. and when that happens it shows a little pic of the fake guy and no one clicked read my profile they just saw the pic and said hey hows it going. and I've gotten several messages since I've made it too, after being logged off. I made it 2 days ago and so far I've received 14 messages. people I didn't even message! and to a guy who looks like and describes himself as if he didn't give a sh*t. wheres the justice and fairness in that? I've heard so many women say "all that guys are about are looks!" well um ya, I think you all might understand what I'm getting at.


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  • over the internet we are not afforded the luxury of checking someone out, experiencing any chemical reactions or anything. On the internet, all we have to go by initially are pictures.

    Primally speaking, we are attracted to 'attractive' things. it's what helps propogate the species. The fitter, the bigger etc will get the attention of a potential mate.

    Where people looked at your picture but didn't read your profile, it's likely they didn't read the profile of the 'hot' guy either. They just went by the picture.

    In the end, I firmly believe, if it's meant to be, the one who you're meant to be with will click into place.


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  • I actually think that's interesting for you to do...the experiment, that is.

    Well, I will click on pics of men whom I find attractive or at least interesting but for me, if they don't write something that grabs me, their looks don't mean much. In fact, it turns me off when what they write is so boring/typical. No matter how good looking they appear.

    Are you keeping your first messages short? Sometimes, people who send long messages off the bat can scare people away. And, I assume you're not sending out those mass email types messages, either. Haha.

  • Nah notice how only shallow women are attracted to the jerk good looking guy.

    If those are the type of women you're typically interested in, then life is unfair, but if you appreciate the few and rarer ones who will read your profile and take into account your personality, then life is very fair.

    Just wait a while all should be fine, also it greatly depends on which site you go on, cos if you're dating site, is really like a singles one-night stand stie, then of course personality won't matter.

  • That compeletly true! Society does not acknowledge the niceness of ugly people. But for the record- dating sites suck!

    • Wow I'm surprised the first comment wasn't about me be a piece of sh*t for doing that. Thanks? haha

    • But I also want to add, I'm not ugly either.

  • That's the world of online dating. All about your look. I get tons of messages and my profile sucks. Max I got in one day was 58 messages. My friend is serious and has to contact them first.


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