Would you date an overweight man?

Would you date an overweight man with a moderately handsome face if he had a decent job and a great personality?

I watch what I eat and exercise daily, but can't seem to lose much weight. I think I could probably find a girl that is overweight herself, but I prefer petite women. It's not that I wouldn't date a girl that is also overweight, as I find things such as a girl's personality to be far more important than their appearance, but my ideal girl is petite. I want to know if it is possible for me to find my ideal girl or if I should be happy with whoever will have me.


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  • if you're a fun guy to be around who can entertain a woman and make her feel safe and secure you can attract any woman

    being well groomed, being a motivated person who is comfortable and confident in teh skin he's in is very attractive to women

    these qualities far outweigh overweight (pun intended =^.^= )

    you know its true. youve seen big guys with cute girlfriends before and they usually are not rich or powerful although that can help too.

    It about making her feel special and making her feel like if she becomes a part of your world then her world will be better too.

    If you're the type to wallow in self pity and you take anything you can get, then how can a hottie who has lots of choices ever want you.

    You gotta believe that if a woman chooses you that she is a lucky girl who is gonna embark on a great adventure. Be confident, be happy. You can do it!

    oh one more thing. Lose some goddamn weight!


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  • I did date an overweight guy for 5 years... umm I wouldn't call myself "petite" because I am tall, but I'm slim


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  • It depends on how much money, power, your status. The more money and stability you have, the more attractive you will be. You must focus on your strengths and stay away from your weakness, fat. I know people say that looks aren't important, but remember you will have to sleep with that girl in the future. If you don't get nauseous with fat and stretch marks, then date whoever you want.

  • I am your clone buddy. To a T. I had one for several years, there is hope for us.