How Smart Do you Prefer your Lover?

Please ignore all idiosyncrasies of geeks and stuff. Imagine you had an average person who is dating you, but you get to decide their intelligence. How would you want him/her?


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  • I would desire a partner of at least equal intelligence, it just makes conversation and things like that easier. Around an ex-girlfriend, I once used the word "partake" in a sentence, and she stood there with a blank look on her face for at least 10 seconds...needless to say, that did not work out, lol.

    • I'm actually going to Google that word

    • Basically it means to join in on something, or take a portion of something. I thought of it as just an everyday word, but when she decided not to date further, she said that she couldn't date someone who was "so much smarter than her". Whatever...her words, not mine.


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  • I would want him just smart enough that he's not crossing the line to arrogance. A lot of my friends are in medical school and you wouldn't believe how arrogant they've become.


What Guys Said 2

  • Within 20 IQ points of mine (130, so 110 to 150), though the higher it is within that range, the better. Conversation is so much easier when your partner knows what you're talking about, especially when you have a fairly high vocabulary like mine.

    • Couldn't agree more on conversation, that's exactly the point I wanted to make too.

  • Smarter than me, but not so smart that we can't even communicate.