If your girlfriend is dating another girl and you're a guy.......are you technically dating both girls?

my girlfriend is dating her best friend and I want to know if since I'm with one of them am I technically with both?


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  • I saw something about this on True Life lol technically unless you've all agreed to be dating each other, you're just dating your girlfriend. She has a girl on the side, and you'll probably get 3 some action, but you're not dating both. If you're confused though just ask?


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  • no..her best friend is interested in her, not you. your girlfriend is the only one with 2 partners.


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  • I'd say she's technically betraying you instead of you dating both lol

    But I guess it depends on you guys relationship... Is she having sex with the other girl? Is your relationship an "open" one? Does she allow you to date other girls (or guys I don't know lol)? Are you dating the other girl too? Or you really think that because your girlfriend is dating her, you're the other girl too? lol

    • Im a guy.......and when I started dating my girlfriend she was already dating a girl......that girl knows about me and likes me alot.......i like her too but I just don't kno if I'm with both girls since I'm with the one

    • Since you're only dating one, I think you're only dating one lol

    • Its kind of a confusing situation because last night I was hanging out with my girlfriends best friend and we ended up kissing but I was thinking that since my girlfriend kisses her neways and that she is dating her that it wouldn't be a problem........plus well it was one of those moments where it just happened without even thinking about it