What should we do at his house?

I'm supposed to hang out with this guy for the second time (one-on-one, we've hung out more in a group) on SATURDAY. The last time we hung out I was the one to initiate, and this time as well. (I told him I wanted to see the pics from this camping trip he went on, and he said "well let me know when you wanna come over check them out." So last weekend I texted him and asked if the offer to come over and see the pics still stands. He said "Oh yea, of course. :-)" So we're supposed to do it Saturday. He lives in the burbs and I live in the city, so I have to go 40 mins away to see him. Which is fine, but I'm hoping it's worth the trip - i.e. we hang out, and I don't just see the pics! I'm assuming he wouldn't be a jerk and show me the pics and then not hang out with me after. He probably plans to hang out with me for the afternoon/evening and didn't make other plans (I hope). He does live with his parents and they could be home, as well as his brother. I don't know what to expect when I go to his house! I'm told he must be interested in me at least a little if he invited me to his house, but I'm not sure. What signs should I look for to see if he likes me? (Obviously if he makes some physical moves I"d get the point!) I want to flirt with him but I don't want to embarrass myself if he doesn't like me back! Help!


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  • think of some things that you guys can do, some activities that will take up some time where you guys can also talk (so don't go to a movie). go out and do something that will lead into the evening and go out and grab some grub or dessert.

    I'll put money down he'll show you the pics and have nothing to do but sit around his place and watch tv/movies lol

    • Haha thanks. I see that happening too, where he didn't think of things for us to do. However, last time we hung out, he told me he writes lyrics (he also plays guitar) so I'm gonna ask if I can see some. :-) So I'll see some pics and we'll talk about them, hopefully read some of his lyrics and talk about them, maybe he'll play guitar for me ;-) If all else fails we could watch a movie at his house. then maybe there will be some action. haha!

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  • just give him hints that your feeling him but if he respects you you'll know if he really does like you! good luck=)