He ditched...now what?

I met a guy over the summer and he said all the right things...including that he liked me. We made out, and he wanted to have sex but I wasn't ready for that We only new each other for like a week. Well I kind of knew it wouldn't last but now he has a girlfriend and I really miss him, and like him so what do I do?

We talk pretty often so we're still kind of friends.


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What Guys Said 1

  • What are trying to say, cause it sounds like you're thinking of sleeping with him. Do you really want to be the other woman. It seems he thought he would sleep with you and when he didn't he went on to the next one. Is that the kind of relationship you want. Lonlieness is no reason to sleep with a dude. Have you told him you like him more than a friend. That might help him make a decision. Cause you are in the friend zone.


What Girls Said 1

  • Summer flings are great aren't they? But that's all it is, a fling. You know it wasn't a forever thing and it wasn't. He moved on and you need to too.