Wait for him to call? or call him?

I had a date with a serious hottie, he lives in another providence than me, but its his goal to move out here, so this was our first hang out for like 2hrs than he had stuff he had to deal with. We have planned to catch up later before he left but there was not enough time since he had to catch his flight. SO we had sent texts back and forth and he wanted me to keep in touch with him through the week. He wanted to do dinner and a movie but I said dinner and the beach since there will be fireworks how hott! so should I give him a call to finalize or wait for him to get to me? If I call will I look to needy or do you guys like a woman to take charge?


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What Guys Said 1

  • guys definitely dig a girl to take charge. if I were you I would call. and TELL him what you are going to do. don't ask.


What Girls Said 1

  • since you suggested the new plans perhaps he should be the one to get back to you on that.soo I say wait for him to call you .hope things work out!

    • Thank you me too, damn its rough nowadays lol

    • Its rough but no matter what happens keep your head up high girl cause after all you know your worth and if he can't see that then haha as the saying goes there are more fish in the sea ;)