I am heartbroken... if only I knew he likes me?

he admitted to liking me in the past.

has sex twice. and he has kissed me... He looks at me a lot. calls to see if I want to hang out.. I don't know. there are just so many signs, and yet he wot ask me out... what's up with that...?


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  • I don't understand how you can accept to having sex with someone without having been asked out in the first place? Next time you won't know the name of the guy in your bed.


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  • Well, you already broke the ice with sex. So everything from that point on should be small beans.

    Ask him, be honest. If you're heartbroken now, you won't be any more heartbroken tomorrow. Also, why waste your time!?!

    He could really be into you too! You never know until you find out, right?

  • maybe he just doesn't see the need to ask you out if your willing to have sex with him or hang out without the commitment of a relationship . or he could just want a FWB thing , I really have no clue


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