Guys are you turned off by girls who haven't kissed a guy before?

I'm slightly embarrassed at what this guy thinks of me now. this guy I know through mutual friends wanted to kiss me one night and I turned him down and I said it was because I have a twin brother and didn't want to cause he is friends with my brother but really it was because I hadn't kissed a guy before. anyway this guy kept trying and trying and I kept saying no even though I wanted to but I was to nervous. also you wouldn't think that I hadn't kissed a guy before because I'm fairly popular, OK looking and 20 years old so he would have had no idea that I had never kissed a guy before. anyway he ended up finding out that I didn't kiss him cause I was nervous and hadn't kissed a guy before and I'm so embarrassed that he found that out. what would he think of me now? should I be embarrassed? also most girls I hang round with and people my age have all had sex so I'm even more embarrassed about that.


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  • Don't be embarrassed.

    That kind of modesty is usually approved of and admired.


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  • Don't be embarrassed. Everything must have a first time:-) If he really loves you, he won't mind and will feel its special because he will be your first time. I never had sex before I meet my boyfriend (is my fiance now). He is the first, I was kind of embarrassed but he told me to not be. Because he feel its special that I give it to the right person.