What should I text this girl I just met?

Went out to a nightclub Friday night. I asked for her number after dancing and she touched my pants, signaling that she wanted my phone (it was really loud to talk). I pull it out and give it to her, she programs herself into my phone and had to go.

Its Saturday night now, I am following the 2-day rule and texting her tomorrow afternoon probably.

What EXACTLY should I text her. Call her S.

Oh, and this isn't a slutty type of girl or anything I can tell


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  • Well if it was me I'd like a guy to start a casual conversation, say who you are, and see how the rest of the night was and my weekend. Ask about what I like to do, stuff like that and just be easy going. But still be yourself at the same time, like if you like to joke around then do that, just don't try to act like someone your not. I hope this helps somewhat.


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  • just text her and say something like ... hey I was out the other night and you gave me your number just thought id text to see how you are and how your night went by the way you looked great x... that should make sure you get a reply x


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  • Yea man be cool with don't seem desperate or creepy. Give her a compliment or two about 1) her clothes and 2) her looks. Also you have to make her want to chase you or she'll just be bored with it.