Is it normal for a guy to hang out with girls while in a relationship?

So my boyfriend has more girl friends than he has guy friends, which I'm not super concerned about, cause he said that he can just relate to them better for some reason. Well, today he had made plans to hang out with this girl he works with before she moves to Florida in 2 weeks. And he had wanted to go shopping with her. He wanted me to go with him (he told her he has a girlfriend) but I told him I had school and then work, so that was a fail. He's a metrosexual, so he really enjoys shopping and looking nice and stuff. So I think more than anything he just wanted me to be there with him.

And then starting Wednesday he's going to be gone for like 6 days going to a concert and then staying with this girl who is a really good friend of his, who lives like 2 hours from here. They made plans before we even met, so whatever. that's fine.

I don't know. I just don't want to be the stereotypical jealous/overbearing girlfriend. I don't have a problem that he is friends with girls or that he does stuff with them. I don't know. I just think that he shouldn't hang out with them AS much. Maybe every once in a while. Today he asked me if I was annoyed he was going to go shopping with the girl from work. I didn't say anything and just looked at him. He was like, you are. I can tell. Then I commented on how he has more girl friends than guy friends, and he said how every girl he's dated has been protective of him. He also doesn't make it a secret to these girls that he does have a girlfriend, so it's not like he's secretly trying to get with them. He's like, "yeah, my girlfriend Laura blahblahblah."

Is it normal for guys to have more girl friends than guy friends? I would think if he's wanting to build something with me, he'd keep as few girls in the picture as he could. Is it especially normal for a guy with a girlfriend to actually go hang out with these girls? I'm going to talk to him about it, but I just don't want him to feel like I'm telling him he can't have girl friends (which I don't want to do that) or that I appear super jealous or anything. I certainly do not want to push him away.


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  • As a girl its totally ok with feeling a little awkward about your boyfriend hanging out with a lot of girls, and doing things with them that he would do with you. However, I can't honestly say that I know a guy who doesn't have a large amount of friends that are girls. I think its a guy thing or something.

    i don't think him keeping all his girl friends around is stopping him from having a relationship with you. I mean you wouldn't be the same way if all the girls he was hanging out were guys. not to mention, if he has so many girls to "choose" from you should be content that you are the one he is with and is very blunt with about dating. Which right there is a good since that he is committed to you, no guy who wants other people tells them he has a girlfriend.

    Plus you did say he was "metro-sexual" maybe having that girl "vibe" around him makes him feel more comfortable


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  • No but its you who have let him have them. If you have objected to that in the beginning he might not have gone that far. You are not super jealous. but try to tell him directly what your feelings are and try to see what his response I slike


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  • its perfectly ok. everyone is different. ur not jealous but reasonably cautious because in truth sometime you just don't know who's two faced. but I hang out with more guys then girls. so from that chick on the other side. LET HIM HAVE HIS FRIENDS. I can't tell you how many potentially amazing relationships failed or are suffering because the girl (or in the same sense the guy) tried to control who the other hung out with. You should tell him how you feel if it really makes you that uncomfortable, but if you come on too strong he might over react and let you have too much influence on his life. he should do what he thinks and feels is right, and you should let him. don't let him turn you into that passively controlling girl friend. you sound like a cool chick, don't question yourself, be happy love life =D take care!