Dating, First Date, Hanging Out Questions?

Girls were have you been taken to on your first date?

What kind of places do you usually go on a Date?

Guys were have you taken a girl on her first date?

what are some places you usually take her?

All: Where do you usually hang out as a couple?

sorry for all the questions


Most Helpful Guy

  • There are a few "strategies".

    A walk to the park\beach or something like this, is a great way to just know the girl more, and see if she is searching for the personality, and not the sex\money or etc.

    A movie\bowling\*empty space* depends what kind of a girl she is. Is a great way to make her feel that she is already being treated and cared by you (you spend money).

    Later on, when you get to know each other more (2-3 dates?) you can ask her where she want to go, if she says " I don't care", try to do something special (picnic on the beach for example).

    As a couple, we all got our special corners, you will know when you get to it.



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What Girls Said 3

  • Dinner, cinema, bowling...

  • Dinner, bowling, mini-putting, baseball game.

    As a couple, we hang out at echothers houses and make dinner together :)

  • dinner/movie


What Guys Said 1

  • First date I usually go someone to eat with live band or something. Just to get to know the girl see what kind of chemistry we have. But I've also done some where I go bowling or mini golf or something active to just help prevent awkward silences. Depends how talkative you. If your pretty shy I'd say maybe do something with an activity involved.