Why is breaking up over a text or ceasing communication all together suddenly acceptable?

I realize this is the age of technology and communication but how did this happen? I dated a girl for two years, we actually started to plan our wedding and she just stopped talking to me. Never told me why she left! EVER! I'm a 30 year old man, when things get to that point, it's serious, not a puppy love kind of thing. Since then I've had several girls end things with a text or also just stop talking. It's disrespectful.


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  • I have no clue when this became acceptable, either. It was called manners, right? back in the day.

    In my case, I tried to meet up to talk things out but he didn't want to meet in person. Then, he stopped emailing me altogether. I guess he got scared. But, it left me feeling confused and crappy. It's like the idea in "Up in the Air," about firing people over the computer via webcam to increase efficiency and (supposedly) minimize the uncomfortable.

    • Exactly...manners! It hurts people far less to just be forthcoming about things, at least then you know. I would never do that to anyone, but then again, I'm kind of old school.

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  • When did this become acceptable? I avoid even having deep conversations via text, at minimum it will be over the phone. But breaking up should be in person, we have to ask you out in person, therefore if you want to end it, at least man up a little bit.