How do I get over my shyness? So there's this guy I like..?

i went to a party a few days ago and met this guy there, it was a totally casual party we weren't drunk or anything. I talked to him a lot that night, then the next day me, him and another friend all went out for the day, then the next day we went to another party, me, him and more friends. so I've basically spent 3 full on days with him and I've started to like him, he's really sweet and funny...

the problem is it took a lot of courage to talk to him at the party, because I'm generally a really shy person and we've decided to meet up just us two in our village and hang out. now I'm afraid I'm gonna have nothing to say and it'll be awkward.. how do I get over my shyness and come across to him as a nice confident girl? and what sort of things shall we do?


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  • Just go with the flow, whatever feels good, he might even come up with some sugestions...


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  • well just try talking about yourself

    that works all guys wanna do is listen to girls


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  • The worse thing you'll ever do for yourself is plunge into situations you're uncomfortable with. He'll sense your uneasiness and move further away from you - trust me on this one!Take this as an opportunity to develop yourself - to socialise and meet more people =D You can get to meet more people that way. While you're doing that, you can get to know his closest friends and connect with them as well =) People definitely talk about other people to their friends, so they might even praise you when talking to him! A good effect of this whole socialising process is that you'll naturally be more comfortable with talking to him and hanging out. By the way, maybe you can initiate outings (i.e. to the mall, the beach and stuff) with the same group of friends you go to parties with? You guys might develop some sort of bonds with each other...and since he's in the group, sparks might fly! =D Good luck! Tell us how it goes!

    • I'll definately try that, thanks(: so shall I say I'm busy or invite a few more people along instead?

    • Mm just say something urgent came up? Because he might feel blown off if you invite other people to tag along...guys just get miffed like that XD Then go on group outings and stuff! Just talk to everyone normally at first, then give him more and more attention on subsequent outings =) Or at least that's what I'd do? XD But timing is ze key. Don't drag it out too long or he might think you aren't interested!