I'm 6 ft tall, slim and 18 years old? What are my chances of getting a guy?

I'm 6 feet tall, slim and 18 years old. random strangers, family, sometimes little kids and people in general stop me to tell me I'm gorgeous, have a pretty face or to go model EVERY TIME I go out. I wear make- up and dress cute all the time and I have a good personality. Why can't I get guys? is it because of my height? My friend Lisa is about 5'3 and she's thick but has a pretty face and every time we go out she gets all the attention from guys. If I was so pretty like people say wouldn't boys be drooling over me as well? but no. that's not the case. Although, I just moved to Houston and I haven't been out much so maybe I need to be patient. I just feel like the few places I've been the boys just didn't want me. A big part of me says its because of my height but I need advice on how to deal with this. Please be real with me and tell me what you think. I'm confused as to where I think people are lying to me about my looks and maybe I don't look as good as they say but why would they? I apologize if I sound a little cocky just trying to give enough info. HELP PLEASE!


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  • A lot of guys don't want to be with a girl that is taller than they are. I'm 6'-2" so I've pretty much never had that problem myself but, quite a few of my guy friends have. As a matter of fact, Two of my best friends are a married couple where he is 5'-10 and she is 6'-0"+- and slim. They've been a couple for well over 25 years now and I asked him one day how he felt about being shorter than her, he just said he quit noticing after the first few dates. He said she was perfect and that was that.

    Don't worry about it is what I 'd say. And if you are really worried about it, I'm moving back to Texas at the end of the month and I'd be happy to go out with a tall good looking girl such as yourself.


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  • If you are tall you just need to find a guy who is tall or taller than you. If you like your guys taller than you then its hard to find...just keep looking you will find someone, flirt and chat with guys you like...


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  • Well in this case we won't know if they're lying to you or anything. Maybe you should post a picture of yourself and we could give you a more accurate opinion.

    But either way, if what you're saying is true about yourself then I think you shouldn't have a problem finding a guy. My suggestion is just to be patient. You're still young, you don't need a guy in your life. Just have fun and wait for the right one to come.

    The thing is, you girls are so men obsessive. You won't die without a guy, so what's the big deal that you don't get one at the moment. He'll come, you won't be alone forever.

    Alot of guys like taller girls, but I mean guys have their own interests. Some like shorter girls some like taller ones.

    Maybe it's your personality? Maybe you seem intimidating? Maybe you're too shy? It could be anything at this point if you make out to seem that you are a 9 on the scale of 10.

    Post a picture and let us see

  • maybe its not your height persay, its the fact the people think you look like a model.

    if your friend is shorter and doesn't have such a model-type body, she's gonna seem much more approachable.

    It's like, if I'm out with friends, I'm not gonna just walk over and start talking to this tall muscular sex god right away, he's intimidating.

    and that is my explanation :]

  • Looks arnt everything remember that. Also not all guys will simply date you if you have good looks, you must have the personality and brain to match. ;)