I have a 2 year old, you've been seeing me for a month?

Assuming you are OK with dating a girl with a kid, would you be more willing to want to be with her if you met the kid, and spent time with them together, or wait to meet them and hang out with just her. How long would you want before you met the kid?


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  • In this situation it's important to find a happy medium. Too early on and you risk having a random stream of guys meeting your child which sends the message of instability. Plus you might scare off the guy you're trying to date. On the other hand, you wait too late and you may find out the your child and the guy you're dating don't like each other. By that point you've established feelings that can be hard to let go of for the sake of your kid.

    Best advice is to find a medium between the two. Not in the first couple dates, but before it gets serious.


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  • Its not fair on the bloke or the kid to let them meet to early on, it sends the wrong message to them both. Let him get to know you first, then maybe a trip to the park to ease him in gently after a few weeks.

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  • Depends if its short term or long term, short term hand out with her, long term hand outwith both


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