How do you know if a shy girl wants to kiss you?

i like this girl and I wanna know if she wants to kiss me?


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  • I will admit that this may be one of those things that seems hard, even impossible, but even shy girls will give signs; They're just going to be more subtle than maybe a more outgoing or flirtatious girl would be.

    Eyes: I think eyes are an important one for girls in general, but if she's shy about flirting with body language, I think her eyes will still tell you what she wants. If you're intuitive, you can kind of see people's desires and intentions in their eyes.

    Looking at things situationally may also help. While she might not flirt openly, for example, she might stand near you, or stall close to you when you're saying goodbye or good night. By situational I mean step back and see how she's acting or what she's doing relative to the big picture and the larger context.

    Failing in that, if you're alone, and you're pretty sure she likes you, maybe stand or sit close. If she seems okay with that (it sounds like she's already kind of your friend/GF), maybe you get a little closer to her. This close physical proximity is a good indicator of how she feels about you. Even shy girls will back up if they don't like you and you invade their space. Then you just have to take that chance that I think all guys have to take at some point: She's right here, and you kind of think she likes you, but you don't know for sure, and you just have to summon your courage and lean in close to kiss her. I would recommend aiming for a cheek first, as it is slightly less invasive than a mouth-on-mouth, and you can quickly shift after the first if she goes with it.

    I know this wasn't much help, but your guts are going to help more here than any logical advice.


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  • wait for her to kiss you.

    or just do the half way point thing.

    meet her half way look in her eyes, and if she goes for the rest of the way she wanted that kiss.

    and do it at the right time. which in my opinion would be after a hug or something. since she is shy and your not sure if she wants a kiss. I would not suggest just surprising her with one.

  • If she looks at you lips, and looks you in the eyes and it close to you then I would. or you could straight up ask her if its okay to kiss her.


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  • Shy girls take ages to let you know takes a while to build up trust, but she might start looking at your lips more, eye contact, she might get closer hug etc...