It takes forever for this girl to text me back if she even does, should I just next her?

I met this girl on Friday night. I got her number and told her I would holla at her sometime the next day, well I did and she text back immediately! So we ended up texting all day long. Later that night I asked her to come to my house and we would watch a movie and just talk get to know each other. everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. the next day I text her and we talked almost all day again. then Monday came around and didn't text her all day until like 5 or 6 at night, she took forever to respond but finally did and she was very short with me. well I haven't text her again till today and she still hasn't responded its been a couple hours. I don't know I just feel she ain't interested, because she takes forever to text back and never initiates a convo. Am I right, what should I do


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  • She could have had a rough day. Girls don't always initiate conversations. Some like the attention. Did you ever consider calling instead of texting? Try asking her if she perfers text or likes talking on the phone. If you perfer text then tell her, because she could not be crazy about texting. I know everyone pretty much texts, but I know some girls that like and find a phone call more personal.

    • All it seems when we do talk is I ask questions and she answers it so one sided! we talk on the phone too just more texting though! you think I should just let it be and let her get at me if she wants to talk because I don't want to come off like I'm sweatin! she is fine and I don't really want to f*** it up

    • Ask her out to go bowling or something. Somewhere you can still play a friendly game and are still able to chat.

      Some people don't open up right away. Sometimes I like to know that someone can keep a conversation going and interesting w/o annoying me.

      Next time you two talk and you feel like she isn't contributing much to the conversation, maybe try not contacting her for a few days after and see if it even phases her. If it does that means she thought about you.


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  • i agree with the dude below. STOP THIS DAMN TEXTING and ask her out! how about dating like a you and not a COMPUTER! geez... how the hell can you gauge chemistry through a text. its hard enough in a phone call. GET on her presence and you'll surely be able to tell. ask her out and once you can see her face and maybe kiss her then you'll have a better idea of how she feels...

  • I think she's taking longer to reply cause you've taken a while to contact her - if you don't seem that into it she won't want to either. I would be really confused if a guy who had been texting me all day suddenly didn't contact me for days, so I would be careful and reply slower so he didn't think I was too eager. Stop playing games with her - we hate that!

  • shes upset you didt tex her all day to 5 she's intirested if she wasn't she wouldn't be botherd lol just keep texing her she will come out of her huff tex her hi beautiful sorry about the other day I was busy xx that's it see what happens


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  • i don't know maaaayyybeee she has a life ? god chill out sheesh quit getting all overreactive. Just becasue her life doesn't revovle around your text doesn't mean she isn't intersted in you. I don't text people back for hours too, either because I forget or I'm doing something.

    So just cool out man jeez, hop off her sack giver her minute.

  • have you ever thought that maybe she was preoccupied with something?

    Its not like she's sitting in a chair waiting for her cell to buzz lol

    like everyone sometimes she probably feels the need to have personal time or just simply busy