Is she playing games with me?

I have been talking to a girl for the past month and we hit it off really good for the first three weeks. We also met online. We texted everyday and just about every night we would talk on the phone. This past Monday we didn't really talk much but at night she texted me saying that she is not ready to be dating right now that she is really confused about a lot of things. I know that the past week work has been really stressful for her. Than also she just recently graduated college and she doesn't really know how to deal with not being at college.

It just confuses me cause a couple days ago we were talking about being girlfriend and boyfriend. She was the one that brought the question up and asked if that what I was looking for. When I told her that it was she sent me a smile face and she said good!

Than during this past week we have barely texted this week and only talked on the phone once. We were supposed to hang out today and talk but she texted me that she is feeling sick to her stomach and she was going to go home to take a nap. We texted a little bit and she told me misses me and that she is sorry for not coming over after work. After we got done talking I went online to where we met and I noticed today that she changed her profile picture on there and added a couple pictures.

I don't really know if I should continue talking to her because the first three weeks were pretty amazing we got along so great and had a lot of chemistry. We both felt that we have known each other for ever. Also one of our mutual friends told me to give her some time and she will come around because when they talked all she talked about was me and how amazing I am and how lucky she feels to have met me. I asked her if she was the type that plays games and she told me no. Or if I should just stop talking to her all together and move on. That she is just playing mind games with me and just playing me.


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  • She does sound confusing.

    If you like her that much, give her a chance. It might all be true. And hey, if her friends claim she talks about you so much, chances are she means it. The fact she uploaded more pictures online doesn't say much - they could well be for you, secretly. =P

    Give her some more time but lay off the constant contact and texting. If you don't, she'll begin to feel too secure and will do whatever she wants (which is bad). Let her know you have your own life and interests ... if she doesn't make an effort, then she'll lose you.

    When she isn't feeling "sick" anymore, she'll text you first or she won't - in that case, move on.


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  • I wouldn't worry about it too much. It sounds as though you haven't met her in person and at this point, as much as you're jiving with each other, she's still really only a computer screen. Nothing substancial can really take place until you have spent some time together in person. It's never a good idea to be discussing a relationship with someone you do not really know -- even if you know the basics. You learn things about other people by seeing how they interact with other people or how they act in certain situations, while you do things together. At this point, she's probably not "playing" you persay... but she does understand that logically at this point -- you are just some guy at the other end of a computer or phone.

    • We have actually met several times. We have gone on like 3 dates and we also have spent time together at each other houses. And the past weekend she introduced me to her best friends.

  • I think you should move on. It seems like she might have liked you but is confused. But if she's updating her profile and stuff it seems like she still wants to be dating, unfortunately. Stop talking to her for a while and give her time to miss you.


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  • argh. I hate girls like that. if she's like that with you now then she's gonna do that more if you two did get together. I would consider moving on. if it does get better then great. but if she pulls that sh*t again and you wanna be in a serious relationship, tell her to kick rocks.