Do guys ever date a girl they treat as a guy friend?

OK so I get along with guys really well because I never get p*ssed if they say a dirty joke. Is the fact that I have a lot of guy friends but never any bfs mean I'm doom to always be "one of the guys"?


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  • Of course not! but the fact you got a lot of guy friends could be a problem, jealousy I mean. you just gotta find a guy who can trust you to stay loyal! But hell live your life the way you want and screw anyone who wants to change you :D


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  • I wld deffinately date a girl who cld hang with me and my friends. But that's just part of my taste I geuss. So you hav a chance. Just find a friend you like and go for it with all you got


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  • No! Definitely not! One of the things my boyfriend loves the most about me is that I can BE one of the guys... I'll go to the gym with him 6 days a week and spot him as he's lifting and vice versa; I can make the dirty jokes; I laugh when his friends fart and burp. But besides that... I'm still female. I'm not a tomboy. I like to get dressed up. I like to act like a lady. I like to make him feel good in ways only a girlfriend can.

    You're not doomed to be 'one of the guys'. You CAN be both!