Keep things going over the summer?

This guy liked me for quite a while during the school year and I was starting to like him at the end of the year but we just talked at school and don't really see each other over the summer. I talk to him online some but I don't see him and I don't want him to lose interest. I'm not totally into the idea of asking him out, and I don't have his phone number anyway, I just don't know what to do, I wish we saw each other in person more.


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  • You'll be seeing him at school next year though, right? That should give you more time with him. Though, if he doesn't use the internet much, maybe the next time he is on, you can ask him to hang out, see a movie, or do whatever is cool and fun where you live? Get something to eat and chill?

    And yeah, I know and many people know that feeling (at least somewhat) of wishing the person you liked would be more a part of your life. Unfortunately, you've just got to let it work itself out at whatever pace it is. time he's on, I'd ask if he wants to hang out. (This isn't asking him on a date, mind you)


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  • I know how you feel about potentially losing something that could be really great just because of school ending lol. Well you say that you talk to him online some, I don't know if that's AIM, Myspace or Facebook. But you should def try talking to him more. I also don't know if you're shy or not, but I am extremely shy. But I feel a heckuva lot better talking online. Just casually ask him how his summer is going or what classes he's taking next fall. If you've already said that, then just say 'hey, haven't heard from you in while. still busy with work/family/etc.? if you're not we should hang out sometime before school starts, what do you think?'. He'll most likely say yes if he isn't tied down with other commitments (some guys just work like maniacs during the summer so they don't have to work during the school year and can have spending money for dates, stuff they want, or just nights out with the boys; it doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't like you). Or say something like 'heyy I thought of something. I wanna go see (insert action movie or any movie that you think he would like here), but my girls don't want to see it/are too busy/broke/family vacation, etc. I really don't want to go by myself, would you go w/me?'. I'm thinking The Dark Knight would be a really good movie to use. I typically hate action or huge-summer-blockbuster-movies-without critically-raved-about-acting and stick to critically raved about smaller movies, but I LOVED Dark Knight. And guys love that movie too. So if you think that would be alright with you, DEF use it. I don't know if you can get in since its an R movie, you could order the tix online with your parents' or older siblings' card(ask them first though! You don't want to really hit it off with this guy and have a potential relationship averted because your parents are mad at you sneaking around behind their back). or use any other movie. if you've already seen it, pretend you haven't., or say that you LOVED it but your girls don't want to spend the money again or they didn't like it all that much to see it a 2nd time. OR if you're going w/Dark Knight, say that you saw it in a regular theater first and you want to see it in IMAX. IMAX is incredible!

    I hope that I was specific enough (I rlly hate it when people aren't specific enough) and GOOD LUCK! :)