Dating a while, do texts get less?

after been dating someone for a few months would you expect the texts to get less, still every day but not as much as in the beginning?


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  • I'm currently in a relationship at the moment and we text each other all the time, because it's a great way to stay connected unlike quick phone calls. She texts me crazy and always wants to know where I am and what I am doing (She just loves me, haha).

    Have a look at your relationship, if your relationship is still great and exciting then it's fine, he probably just needs his own time. But if your dating relationship is dying down and the attraction is being loss then you might need to consider doing something about it.

    As mentioned by others, there can be diverse factors involving this situation. The best way to figure it out is to just ask the other person.

    I would expect the texts to die down a little, become less frequent. Because when we first meet a person we really like, we put effort in getting to know them. When we do get closer and when you are together you don't have to as much because you know that you two are connected when your not even there together. You go beyond just physical attraction.


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  • It can happen, but not always. My boyfriend and I text just the same about as we use to in the beginning (we've been together 9 months) but the content of it has changed. It is harder to find things to talk about because we rather be together in person then texting. We are past that stage of finding out everything about the person. It does not mean that we do not care the same amount any more or anything like that. Just means that texting has become a form a communication that is not the same as being in person.

  • ya me and mione did. it always depends on the guy, some do it in the beggining to get the girl, wants they have them they don't text as much. others are just like texters. depends

    • You mean your texts got less after you'd been together a while?

    • Yes. but I don't know he and I are I think over and he will go days without texting me now. but ya I mean we saw each other everyday after we both got off work and so we didn't feel the need to text like we did when we first started dating

  • No, not at all.

    me, and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year, and we text just as much as we used to in the beginning.