When to call after first date

So I went on my first date yesterday night and I had a blast. He was fun, easy going, a gentleman. Anyways, at the end of the night he said we should do this again and told me to call him sometime. Well, I'm going to be out of town all week next week in an area with no reception. I was wondering if it would be wrong to ask if he wants to hang out this friday, or if I should wait? I would just ask but I don't want to seem desperate or needy. Any ideas what to do?

Ok. So the guy took me to dinner, we talked about a lot of things, he mentioned that he had noticed me about 2 years ago, plus he had said two times during the beginning of the date that I was going to meet his dad. We were cuddling during the movie too.
So I didn't have to text or call him since he had texted me today just to say hi. Thanks for the ideas though.


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  • Sounds like you kinda like him. Well you can treat him as a friend and don't be too nervous or rushy because you don't want to show him that you like him a lot. So just try to talk to him and find some common habits or anything that can bring it closer. Then you tell him that you might be out of town for a week, and his reactions will tell you what to do. He might ask you out soon. I think you just make him a call or chat online to get to know more about each other first. A week isn't that long, if you guys didn't go out this week maybe during the next week he kinda miss you if he have a feeling on you. You will find it more clear after a few weeks~


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  • Friday would be perfect. A 3 day wait is not a bad thing. Especially if your going away. If you feel like savoring the time you had while your away. Call him before you leave and plan something for when you come back. Say hey I'm gonna be gone next week but when I get back I know this cool restaurant we could try I think you would like. Pick a place you really enjoy. This way you both have something to look forward to when you back.

  • You might want to call and say, "Hey, I'm going out of town next week for one week in an area with no reception, but afterward I definitely want to go on another date. If you wanted, we could go on another one this Friday?"

    Hows that sound?


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  • So here is a little challenge for you both as the week comes. I don't think you had met him for a long time but there are many kind of people in this world. I m not saying he might be a bad guy who cheat on the girlfriend while the girlfriend is not around. But you know, just try to see what kind of person he is, what does he do in life.and so he said he is gonna bring you to meet his father. That sounds nice and I hope he is being serious to you. Good Luck~