Do guys mind dating taller girls?

Question says it all guys feel less strong/manly with a taller girl? Even just a little bit taller? Or how tall is too tall? Interesting to hear guys opinions...

Thanks for your answers guys :) If you're wondering I'm about 5'9. Personally I'd only have an issue with it if the guy did. Having said that. It is nice to not always have to wear flats and you kinda feel you'd have to with shorter guys.


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  • i don't mind it. but if she is mega tall then yes that would be a little on the weird side as I am not all that tall (5'6'')

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      Ta for your what to you is 'mega tall'. Idealy though would you prefer a shorter girl?

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      Can you tell he likes you but is unsure of the height deal or something?

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      Well at this stage I'm not even sure if I 'like' him like that. I guess it was more of a general question as there are a lot of guys out there shorter than me so something I've always wondered.