Do guys mind dating taller girls?

Question says it all guys feel less strong/manly with a taller girl? Even just a little bit taller? Or how tall is too tall? Interesting to hear guys opinions...

Thanks for your answers guys :) If you're wondering I'm about 5'9. Personally I'd only have an issue with it if the guy did. Having said that. It is nice to not always have to wear flats and you kinda feel you'd have to with shorter guys.

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  • i don't mind it. but if she is mega tall then yes that would be a little on the weird side as I am not all that tall (5'6'')

    • Well at this stage I'm not even sure if I 'like' him like that. I guess it was more of a general question as there are a lot of guys out there shorter than me so something I've always wondered.

    • Can you tell he likes you but is unsure of the height deal or something?

    • Good question...yeah kinda lol. He's just a mate right now but he's a nice guy. So I was just curious to know if it would be an issue for him.

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  • i'm 5'7, I would have no problem at all with 5'9

  • I'm 5'9. I really don't care about height- I'd just as soon date a 5'0 girl as I would a 6'3 girl. Doesn't really matter.

  • I won't lie about it...It does bother me a bit if the girl is taller than me, but nothing that would be a turn off or something, I'd probably joke around about it...But since I'm 5'9 myself, you're OK lol

    • Hahaha cheers for your comment :). Careful don't joke about it too much, some girls might be sensitive about it (not me of course lol)

  • The vast majority of people who are worried about their height in relation to their partners are girls, not guys. It's very rare to meet a guy who won't date a girl who's taller than him.

    • Good to know! Thanks for your in put :)

  • I hate to say it, but if a girl is more than an inch or two taller than I am (I'm 5'9" so 5'10-11"), I probably wouldn't be interested initially. Just because of how our society is, it'd be a little weird if I had to turn my head up to kiss a girl.

    • Giving you all thumbs up just for being honest and taking the time to answer :). All good each to their own. Yeah initially...but if she was a great girl surely that would become insignificant.

  • I wouldn't want a girl my height (6'4"), as long as she's 6' or under than I'll be ok

  • I'm a bit on the tall side (6'2") so if she is taller than me it gets a little strange.I did however meet a girl a few years ago who was my exact height (maybe a milimeter or two taller or shorter), I got along very well with her and didn't feel awkward at all (this was at the nightclub on a cruise mind you, so nothing came of it).

    • Right or wrong choice of words, it's nice to see there still are some people who are unbiased.

    • I know...I'm not one to judge either. 'Judge' was the wrong word to use.

    • I don't judge by anything except for actions because those are the only things people can control, to judge somebody by something they cannot control (without heavily invasive surgery) is bigotry and is wrong.

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  • some don't like for example I wouldn't want a girl who is taller than me, but close to my height is cool... I've seen some short dudes with some pretty tall girls though

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