Should I have one last fling?

So, I'm engaged to a wonderful man, we're getting married in April of next year. We recently went to a friend of mines wedding and his best man is my ex, let me add that we were each others firsts for everything and we were together for about 4 years. My ex and I last slept together in 2007. Well, he's been texting me and emailing me asking to hang out and pretty much told me that he wants me. He doesn't have a girlfriend, and he knows I'm engaged and all that. I'm just wondering if maybe I should have one last fling with him. I don't want to hurt my fiance, I love him very much, but I don't want to regret not doing it, because frankly it's the best sex I've ever had. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with my fiance, but I'd rather sleep with my ex before we are actually married, if that makes any sense. I'm not a bad person, I've never cheated before and I'm just wondering what other peoples thoughts are. And why would he be doing this now? why not before when I was single...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I may not answer your question with a yes or no, but if you're asking yourself if you should have sex with someone else before getting married then I'd say go have sex with your ex only after you break up with your soon to be husband. What do you do when he finds out (always a possiblity) that you slept with your ex just before marrying him. Look this actually happened to me something very smiliar. She slept with a guy at work just a month before we married. I found out four days after getting married. From my thought process our marriage was an entire lie and I truly felt that I was tricked into being with her. Mainly because had I known what she'd done I would not have married her. It turned into a disaster. There was truly no trust at all and I fell out of love quickly. Mainly because I didn't feel that someone who cared about me as she said she did would have done that behind my back. I'd passed on many chances to be with other women until then. From that point...never again will I be put into a position of being hurt or lied to again. So your choices will effect others lives greatly...everyone involved will have that affair be it they're there with you or not. Do yourself and him a favor and do not marry him. He'll only be hurt by your insecure choices.