I'm not saying this to kiss ass but?

Girls please stop trying to impress us guys...were lucky that you even like us and deal with us(: why do you do it?


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  • I personally try and impress my guy just because I love the fact he enjoys the extra attention from me. I love trying to show off and increasing my appeal :] I also love being able to make him smile with my little moments of impressing him, he thinks it is cute I want his approval and satisfaction over something. But I feel the added effort of impressing him just shows him that I love him enough to want him to focus on things I do for him! <3 and most of all wouldn't you want your girlie getting your attention with how she dresses or acts, just because she wants your attention and no other guys? <3


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  • Orlynao?

    Putting my silliness aside, I don't understand why you believe that guys are undeserving of a female's/females attention. Oh, my, I believe that you weren't directing this question at my age group though...

    Er, this is my best general guess that I can muster up with my naivete. "For the insecure, we seek approval. For the secure, I think some people just come off very nice and accommodating or something that could be misconstrued for something it is not."

  • i feel the opposite, that I'm lucky to have the guy


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