What do I say to him now?

My friends ex boyfriend likes me and I kind of like him. I've been keeping my emotions to myself so I don't get into a giant fight. Anyways today I was texting my friends ex boyfriend and he told me it was to hard to talk to me so he's not going to anymore. He makes me feel so happy when I talk to him and I want to text him a message saying that I'm sorry and what not but I don't know how to put it into words.


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  • Hold up! Did you take into consideration about your friend? If you didn't then your in a world of hurt because boys come and go but true friendship last. If you go down this road your friend would prob be upset to the point she will never speak to you again, is he worth the loss of a friend? I don't think so. Now if she is a sh*tty friend then go ahead! But he could be trying to get you to chase him even more.

  • I wouldn't put yourself out there really.. I'd say something like "I'm sorry you feel that way because talking to you brightens my day" Anything more than that would put you in a position of getting more hurt.. And with that.. youve let him know.. I enjoyed talking to you - it made me happy- I'm sorry you feel bad. Who knows.. 2 weeks from now he may start flirting with you.. maybe he's going through a rough time. Who knows.. :) GL


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