Why does the guy I like come to me for dating advice?

A few months ago I became friends with this guy I work around. We hit it off as friends and I developed a liking for him which appeared mutual but he never spoke up about it. After a few months of talking, I finally spoke up and told him I was interested in him. He replied saying that we would see what happens and that he was worried about damaging our friendship. Needless to say nothing happened. We still talk and have become good friends, however there is still some flirting that goes on. Now he has recently started coming to me for dating advice and telling me about his dates. Why is he doing this and how do I politely tell him to stop because its not exactly fair to me.

he come over for a movie & finally makes a move & gets a little handsy & I allow this to go on for a bit but when the movie ends he goes home. a week later I invite him over & he says just because I got a little doesn't mean I get more. WTF? Over it


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  • Seems to me like your a friend. I believe he comes to you regarding dating advice to get some insight into the opposite sex. Kind of like your doing now. You asking us about this situation. He chooses to ask you. He dosen't seem to know that it bothers you, if he's truly your friend he'll understand.

    He's a guy, he's not going to know that it bothers you unless you tell him. Next time he comes up and asks for advice you'll basically have to tell him "listen (name), I don't feel comfortable about giving you advice on your personal life, it's something that you need to learn and experience for yourself". If he insists and asks why you need to explain to him how you feel.

    If you don't tell him, he won't know.


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  • Maybe he comes to you for "dating advice" to drop a hint that he isn't interested in you. That's what I'd be thinking if I were asking a girl who once told me she had feelings for me about what do with other women.

  • That's what happended to me before two.

    • Okay that sounded wierd... I meant that happend to me with a girl.

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  • i had exactly the same...the same day that I actually told him I liked him he decided to flirt with me and then ask me for advice about 2 girls. I just kind of stopped talking to him about girls for a while and now he doesn't do it so much but its still annoying