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Why would a girl suddenly stop texting me after it seemed our first couple dates went so well?

Started dating this girl for a few months and we text back and fourth constantly, she was totally into me and always asked to see me. But all of a sudden she stopped texting as much and when I'd ask to see her, she wouldn't reply back. We could text all day but as soon as I mention if she would meet me, she won't reply. So when she flakes on me, I just don't bother texting. A few weeks pass and then she'd randomly text me and the cycle starts again.Now I haven't a clue if I'm wasting my time with this girl.

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  • If I'm with a girl for more than 2-3 dates and we haven't made out, had sex, kissed, held hands touched noses basically NOTHING PHYSICAL I figure it's a lost cause and move on - she is probably thinking the same thing. If the two of you haven't done anything she probably thinks that you don't like her, or that you view her as just a friend. You need to tell her that you really like her and want to take things to the next level.It's also quite possible that she is bored with out/doesn't like you anymore, whatever so be prepared for that eventuality.