What should I do? She canceled our hang out?

I asked this one girl that I have known for a few months, if she would like to go bowling with me and my friends, she say yes. We exchanged number. I text her one day before we were suppose to go to confirm that if she is really going or not, also letting her know the exact place and time. She say yes and she also said she will bring a friend of her, I say yeah that great. The bowling day, I ask her to meet us there at 10 to 10:30pm. We wait for her from 9:50 to 11pm, we than checked in to bowl. than around 12 she text me and say she is will not gonna make it, because her friend doesn't feel good. and she said we can hang out another time if I like. So I was just wondering why 2 hours later? why didn't she tell me at 10 or 11? should I reschedule? or just toss her number away?


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  • I think she is just playing hard to get by canceling your appointment. I really don't think it was because her friend got sick...she got sick two hours later, really?. If she keeps doing this she is just avoiding you and is just there for the fun.


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  • toss the number is she wants to hang out with you she will make it happen you did you part its her turn