Did he just break up with me?

I was seeing a guy for about 3 weeks then he stopped it but continued to call daily 3-4 times. Last night he got pretty irritated about me joking about the yankees and the steelers and then stopped texting me. So I knew that I apparently offended him some way. Friday night I sent him a text that said..."if you are bored and would like to join me I am going to the racino." He chose not to go. Today he calls and tells me that he is very irritated with life, kids, work...and I said "me". He says "well yea you might as well throw yourself in there too." He went on about how I want to see him, and I think that he doesn't want to see me...but he insists that is not the case. That he does want to see me but right now his priorities in life are his kid and his job. So we talked a bit more about what I did this weekend he wanted to know etc. He said that Saturdays are his time for his son, and Sundays are his time for just him and he doesn't want anyone around.


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  • Give him his chances,but nt way 2 far,call and text him,try 2 knw wats up with him all d time and then draw yourself back 4rm contacts with him and see how he reacts..but dnt forget 2 let him knw how much you really wanna be with him and how much you care 4 him


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  • OVER! next


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  • Lay off for a little bit and see if he chases you or tries to contact you in any way. The direction he takes will determine the answer.

    • But if he chases her again it will probably turn out this way again. Hell get claustrophobic, chase her away- miss her, chase her back etc etc

      What is the chasing supposed to determine? She's aloud in his life at times, that he likes her around sometimes, that he has feelings for her ? I don't know If this is good. even if he likes her. It is up to her to stay,but he kind of said it -he can't handle anything other than kids and work. Lots of people have lots to do, but they don't talk like that.

    • Toulouse----whats your thoughts on this? What do you suggest I do?

    • He hasn't chased her, he's just made half-hearted attempts to contact her. If she doesn't try to contact him or acts as indifferent as he does, the aggression with which he tries to get her back will give her the answer. It's better than giving up and deciding for certain that he has better things to do, this way he has a chance to prove himself.