Why doesn't my girlfriend ask me to hang out anymore? Could she be losing interest in being with me?

So my girlfriend had to cancel a date the other day because she got a concussion. I was fine and then she texted me the next day, just to chat, then she was telling me that she was at home and bored and I told her that I was at home also with nothing to do. Now that I think about it, why didn't she ask me to hang out? I even said to her that night "Well I would come visit you, but you sound too comfortable" to which she responded "I am watching a movie in my pajamas, I would be kinda boring." I took this a HUGE indicator that she wasn't interested in me. Yet she was happy talking to me the rest of the day and even texted me first last night just to talk... I AM SO CONFUSED PLEASE HELP


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  • I wouldn't take this situation as a very clear indication that she doesn't have interest in you. Firstly, you say she got a concussion. The only thing you can do after recieving a concussion (depending on the severity) is stay in bed and not move around too much. Even a minor concussion will have you incapacitated for a period of time. She probably didn't want to see you because she wouldn't be able to do anything while you were there. That's not a bad sign, she just wants to see you when she's healthy and not lying in bed, and she wants to enjoy her time with you.

    Secondly, if she didn't have any interest in you, she would not have been texting you all day. You even say she text you first last night. These are not signs of a person with no interest in you. The best thing to do is wait until she has recovered from the concussion and then say you're going to see her. Ask her straight out, say you're free at a certain time and you want to see her then. If she still refuses to see you even when she's 100% healthy, then maybe you can start worrying about her interest levels, but right now her interest seems to be in you, so you have no need to worry at all.


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  • well, it sounds like you should flat out ask her to hang. don't beat around the bush and imply... I like my guys to take control.

  • your freaking out for no reason. sometimes people do want to be alone just to chill yet by texting you she's showing she's STILL INTERESTED in you. if she kept giving you excuse why not to hang out over a few days when you were meant to and didn't text you as much then that's the time to freak


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  • "I am watching a movie in my pajamas, I would be kinda boring." She wanted you to tell her how NOT boring that would be.