When to know where dating is going?

I been dating a guy for the past month. once a week we would see each other. from the first date we hit it off and went right away to next level. On second date he asked if I wanted to be dating him I said yes. but last time I saw him was 3 Sundays ago in his new apt. I text him last Tues to see how he was and responded buys and going to his ex wife to go over child support. I left it at that then Thursday came and he text me if I got scared of his response and I said no, I felt he was busy. Then I asked when would we go out. I asked because last time we saw each I asked and he said that Thursday, but that when he said this> Told me sorry but he was broke and car problems. so I just said no rush there be time later. All our conversions is in texting... would this be a clue to move on? and what should I do next? I am started to have feelings but know its to early? should I wait or ask the question where is this going? I know he loves football and that the first right now. I do go out with my friends so I can get some distraction. but when is when? or how should I ask?


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  • Does this really work for you? You are so busy supplying excuses for his behavior but not talking about what you want.

    I will tell you that I have dated enough that I know for certain that a guy who is in to you will move heaven and earth to see you and a guy who is mildly interested will see you when it works. I don't know if the two of you have had sex, but I can say that guys will keep up contact with a woman they have had sex with and are perfectly happy seeing her once a month, maybe once every few months, when the urge strikes. Most guys are not going to give up a hot lead on a girl they can have sex with, but it won't turn into a relationship, just random hookups.

    So, stop excusing his behavior. Not that he doesn't have a right to do as he wishes, but you need to start thinking about what you want and really, don't you deserve better than this?


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  • Yeah I would not like the ONLY text way of communicating... I would probably move on - he is probably still involved with the ex wife - also you should know who wanted to end that relationship he or the wife - also are you sure it is his ex wife? He COULD date then all of the sudden he has no $$$ and a broken car? Seems odd? I would take a pass...

  • Tamikaze has an excellent point...He just sounds a bit "too" busy...Best of luck...Cheers!