He said he likes me, why won't he talk to me now?

I recently told the guy that I'm interested in that I liked him... he said he liked me too but doesn't know what he wants right now. He told me he wanted to hang out with me more and has a great time with me when we hang out. He won't contact me, at all and when I texted him a few days after we talked he didn't text me back. I texted him again about a week later and the same thing... no text back. Please help.


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  • maybe he changed his mind!

  • He is just not that interested. Plain and simple. Not retuirning your calls is a big clue that it is because he doesn't want to. Regardless of what he said and how you think he feels about you, the truth of the matter lies in his actions and his actions lately have shown nothing, which tells you that he is not into you. he may have liked you a bit but not enough to really pursue you. So, hon, move on and do not call anymore because you don't want to look desperate. You are better than that and deserve a man who actually shows you the same effort back. now if he comes back, don't answer right away. Let him pursue you if he really wants you because you did all that callin/textin and got nothing from him. Now it will be his turn to show something if he comes back, but as of now, stop contacting him and move on because the guy is tellin you indirectly by not responding to you anymore that he does not want to hear from you again.