How to start dating my ex?

we broke up last year because of long distance,well she did. We were civil but only spoke once or twice a month for 12 months. Now I have moved back to town and doesn't know it yet. she has agreed to hang out with me, thinking that I'm only here for a couple days! How do I break it dow to her? how slow should I take things?


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  • hmm.. so nothing really went wrong the first time? approach her the same ways you did before. maybe a little more mature(since you are older now) . advice: don't move away ha... just talk to her, seewhat she says. take it slow, or unless she says she wants to step it up some and then if you feel need be do so.

    • Basically there wasn't any arguments. at the time of the break up, she still loved me and so did I. Its just that the spark was gone. we were'nt spending enough time with each other. It was a 3 year relationship, with two of it bieng long distance. but we saw each other 2 wkns a month. but it wasn't enough .

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  • Depends if she feels the same, let her know how you feel see if she wants to try again or if she has moved on

    • Thx for replying. chances are she did move on, Because she thouht she would never see me ever again. after the break up, she insisted that I was such a good person that she doesn't want me to cut her out of my life. I'm not going to try to pressure her the first day, I just want to know if you think there's a way I can ease myself back in?