She is ignoring my texts and calls. I'm confused, help please?

So I have been seeing this girl for about 3 weeks now. I just love her and her response is the same. Tho lately its been weird. We have only been on 1 date and she insisted having a great time, now the situation is such that she is ignoring my texts and calls. To myself I think she might be seeing someone else and interested in him more but when ever I get to talk to her be it even 2 mins, she says that she loves what's this ignoring all about? :(

It really has got me stressed for the past few days and you feel like I can't take this more. Some sincere help please!


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  • hi there, I feel as though your relationship with this girl is going no where. Maybe she likes you as a friend. I no she tells you she loves you, but maybe in her heart she loves you in a friend way. Her mind wants to say other wise, that's why maybe she's ignoring your text's and calls. She just needs tim to relise what she wants. Are you still in the relationship know? Do you understand me or am I talkin sh*

    email me...


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  • Woah, you need to slow down. You been seeing her for 3 weeks and you're in love. 3 weeks is not enough time to know someone. I understand how strong emotions can be and how they can effect our judgement. People should not throw the word "love" around so loosely because words can have a lot of power. Stop chasing after her, if she's interested in you she'll come around, if not, move on.