How to date different guys at once?!

I have just entered the dating scene through an online dating site and have been on a couple of dates this week with another lined up next week, all different guys. Do guys expect a snog (kiss) at the end of the first date... if we've enjoyed each others company that is?! Also, how do guys take it if they know I'm dating other guys around the same time and possibly kissing them too? I might want to kiss them too but feel like a bit of a tart if kissing others too, even though it's not as bad as sleeping with them all at the same time!

I want to take my time to get to know a guy first before rushing any physical stuff, especially if I'm dating more than one! So how to I have fun and enjoy a guy's company on the first date without the pressure of physical stuff so soon? Just tell them outright on the date? Not very subtle! Any tips would be good from a guys perspective especially!


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  • If you had a good date, a kiss is fine. Doesn't matter that you are dating more than one guy.

    Just be yourself on the 1st date or tell the guy beforehand that if you go out, you want it to be a good get-to-know-you date.


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  • there is nothing wrong with dating different guys at once. that's what most guys do. do people really think most guys only date 1 girl at a time? cause they dont! you shouldn't tell them you are dating more than one guy at a time, its not good for their ego and really none of their business. as long as you are single you can do what you want. you're not cheating and you don't owe them anything. just let the guy know that you don't want to move fast and get physical too soon, that's all you need to say when the subject comes up but keep things private. you don't need to tell guys what you are doing when you're not with them.