Why do guys call after a breakup? Conclusion here is stringing along in case they do not meet someone better.

Any guys care to answer this one.


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  • Because we actually have feelings and they don't just disappear. It takes a while especially if there it was a good and long relationship.

    • I never looked at it that way. Well that is one way girls and guys are similar. He said it was a wonderful relationship and is having a hard time now too so perhaps I should not get upset when he calls.

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  • My ex claims to want to be friends but I have a feeling he wants me to feel sorry for what I lost by being a constant reminder through text messages.

    • It could be either one depending on the man. I had an ex who wanted to linger to I would not move on with someone else. I have another ex from many years ago and we treasure each others' friednship. Depends on the guy. Do what is best for you., If you can be friedns with him without it hurting you than do it. If it makes you upset- LET him go.