Dating different people. What to do?

So guys I have been dating different people and there are three people that I have been seeing but there is one guy in particular that in my opinion is the total package, in fact he's PERFECT, but I told myself I would not get into another serious realtionship and one of the other guys I'm seeing has invested feelings in me even tho I said I don't want too get serious. I guess in a big way I feel gulity for the second dude who has invested feelings in me.i don't no I am so confused!.What do I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, if you are not really into the dude, you cannot change how you feel. You should be honest with yourself & with this guy, because if he's not what you want, you're not going to be happy and you are going to end up hurting him if you let things go too long and let him think that you are into him when you're really not. I think that if you are not really into him, that you need to let him know right away and don't let things go too far. Go for what you really want instead. It doesn't matter if the second guy has invested feelings in you. It's much better to be honest than to hurt him later on down the line by either cheating on him or continuing to lie to him by being with him when you really don't want to be with him. I hope this helps! :)


What Girls Said 1

  • You can't limit yourself like that, obviously serious relationships are very emotionally draining but if you are presented with such a wonderful opportunity you should defintly take the chance of course you guard will be up but that is something that will happen.

    With the other guy there is nothing that you can do if you don't feel like you want to further the relationship you need to tell him so that you both can break it off before it is even harder to let go and it has an extremly negative effect on you both.