Today I went out with this girl on our first date.

today I went out with this girl on our first date , she bring one of her friends , we had dinner and after that we went to see movie ,

the thing is we didn't have that much talk , I don't know what she think maybe she thought I was boring but it's our first date and I meet her online , but before she leave I said can we met again to grab some coffee and to came alone so we can talk and she said call me , did she mean it or its just a phrase to say get lost , should I call her or wait couple days.


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  • I am not that well informed about dating people you met online, but isn't it kind of weird to bring along a friend when you are going on a date with a guy? Or did you guys have a double date.

    I think you should wait for some days and then give her a call.


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  • okay was there a pause before she said "call me" cause if there was a pause, or a "um" before. Then its possible a get lost kinda phrase.

    But if it was said right away, then I would wait a couple days then give her a call.

  • you should call her. a girl doesn't just say "call me" for no reason, she wants you to call her if she said it. if she didn''t like you or didn't want to hang out with you again, she would of said something like "ok" when you said we should hang out again. or should would of said "i don't know, I'm kind of busy." just wait like 3 days and call her.

  • I think you should just wait a couple of days. I know when I meet someone I met online, the first date is a little awkward. Try having some more conversations over the phone and online and try to get to know each other a little better. Then next time you guys go out, it won't feel as weird. I just went through that with a guy recently.


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